Product overview

    SZZ customised center screen for circular motion, the whole series, a total of 10 kinds of specifications, available for metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry and other departments of sorted of medium and small size.Screen machine structure is simple, solid and reliable, easy maintenance, high production efficiency.

Working principles

    Since the fixed center screen pulley geometric center and the shaft hole center different heart, both from an eccentricity. A, a decorate in the center of the pulley wheel geometry and eccentric block is relative to the side.When eccentric quality upward movement, centrifugal force up, due to the movement lag the exciting force 180 ° phase Angle, therefore the sieve downward movement.In a sieve box on the shaft, of course, also downward movement.The skin round geometric center located at the top of the shaft of a place, when the eccentric quality downward and upward movement screen box, shaft upward movement, and pulley geometric center is located in the axis of a place below.So, is fixed on the screen box axis motion with screen box.

1, product standards:
QJ/AKJ02.08-89  the fixed center vibrating screen and QJ/AKJ02.09-89  the fixed center vibrating screen.
2, the use and features:
SZZ customised center vibrating screen trajectory for round, full series of 10 kinds of specifications, available for coal, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other departments, for small and medium size materials to dry classification.Screen machine structure is simple, solid and reliable, easy maintenance, high efficiency.
3, Use guidelines:
Single and double - sieve machine points, besides SZZ1800 x 3600 vibrating screen is hanging.
- screen mesh structure have a woven nets and punching screnn plate.
- motor can be installed on the left or right, no special requirements according to the installation drawing of installation.
- motor rated voltage of 380 v, can choose different rated voltage of the motor, explosion-proof motor or if choose when ordering, please indicate.
-- all foundation bolts should bring along their own by the user.



Note: The capacity is based on loose density of 0.9 t/m3 of the coal, according to the minimum and maximum mesh on the upper screen surface dry classification given, material in less than half of mesh size of particles content accounted for 40%, is greater than the screen hole size of particle concentration 25%, screening efficiency is 90%.All that weight in the table below 2 t the biggest screen resolution are not listed.

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