SCG型長距離高溫物料振動輸送機廣泛應用于礦山、冶金、建材、煤炭、化工、糧食、醫藥等行業且溫度在300℃ 以下的各種粉狀、粒狀、塊狀及其混合物等物料的輸送。它是一種通用性很強且結構先進的高溫物料振動輸送設備。例如:水泥行業的原料、中間半成品及成品的輸送,化工行業固體原料、半成品的輸送,采掘行業礦石、精礦與尾礦的輸送等等。它是一種通用性很強且結構先進的振動輸送設備。
Product overview
SCG type long and high temperature material vibrating conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical industry, food, medicine, etc, and the temperature was below 300 ℃ of all kinds of powder, granular, block and its mixture material conveying.It is a kind of strong commonality and advanced structure of high temperature material conveying equipment vibration.For example, the cement industry of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products among transportation, chemical industry raw materials, semi-finished products delivery, solid ore mining industry, concentrate and tailings transportation and so on.It is a kind of strong commonality and advanced structure vibration conveyor equipment.

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Working principles
SCG long vibration conveyor series adopts two vibration motor as vibration source, using the principle of self synchronous, two vibration motor reverse rotation, reciprocating vibration of the balance of the bottom of the conveyor frame after the reed and the role of the guide plate spring, drives the upper conveying groove vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying material.SCG type long and vibrating conveyor with open and closed two, chute cross section can make a circle, rectangle and trapezoid etc. Various type.Chute feed and discharge can be made into a feed according to need, selects a material, feed, more points expected, multipoint feeding and selects a material type.Longer transmission distance available connect more than one conveyor conveyor.SCG type long vibration conveyor rubber spring manger or steel spring bearing, relying on fixed on the feeding trough since the synchronous running of the two vibrating motors, the chute produce linear vibration.


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 1.Can be totally enclosed conveying, eliminate the dust pollution, also can open delivery;
2. high capacity, good insulation effect, without cooling device, less consumption;
3. Simple structure, easy to debug, the vulnerability of small variety, convenient maintenance;
4. Start and stop quickly, smooth operation, good performance of vibration isolation, noise small,;
5. Easy installation, without special foundation and stude screws, easy to move;
6. Single conveyor distance of 20 meters, multimachine soft connection can follow need any longer;
7. Can be more inlet and discharge, suitable for cement clinker and slag bottom, top conveying library.



     SCG type long and high temperature material vibrating conveyor is widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal mining, machinery manufacturing, coal, tobacco, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.Its mainly used in powder, granular, block and its hybrids such as the material of conveyor.For example, the cement industry of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products among transportation, chemical industry conveying of solid raw materials, semi-finished products, mining industry ore, concentrate and tailings transportation etc.


型號 SCG300 SCG400 SCG600 SCG800
單機輸送距離(m) 5-25 8-25
輸送產量(T/H) ≤15 ≤25 ≤40 ≤60
電動功率(TW) 3-7.5 5.5-15
設備每米重量(KG/M) 300 500 700 800
物料性質 粒度(MM) 0.5<D<100 0.5<D<200
物料性質 溫度(℃) <300
物料性質 含水量及粘性 含水量小于5%的非粘性、非易燃易爆物料
       2.若輸送其它物料時,可參照下列公司換算產量 Q=a*Q’Qλ/1.6 a-折減系數約為0.5∽1。粉狀物料取小值,塊裝物料取大值。 Q’-表中所示產量λ-輸送物料的比重。

Note: 1. The transport production is medium weight is 1.6 t/m 3, determination of cement clinker temperature less than 300 ℃.
2. If transporting other materials can refer to the following company conversion output Q = a * Q Q 'lambda / 1.6 a - reduction factor of about 0.5 ∽ 1.Powder material of little value and of great value in block material.Q '- shown in the table lambda - the proportion of conveying material production.
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