圓盤給料機是一種應用廣泛的連續式容積加料設備,該機是利用物料的流動性,通過轉動的圓盤和可調節的刮料板把物料從容器中刮送到受料設備中,適用于各種非粘性且流動性不是非常好的物料。該類機型設計緊湊,結構簡單,調節方便,使用可靠,維修量小,噪音很低,是水泥廠,化工行業,發電廠等部門首選的系統配給料設備,同時可作為其它行業非粘性物料的喂(給)料設備,該機型為吊式結構。DB為封閉式結構,防塵,防灰,但調節運轉均在封閉的殼體內,不夠直觀。DK為開式結構 ,適用于灰塵性不大的物料,并且運轉,調節均直觀明了。

Disc feeder is a kind of widely used continuous volume loading device, the machine is to use the material liquid, passing rotating disk and adjustable scraping plate the material from the container to the material equipment, applicable to all kinds of viscosity and liquidity is not a very good material.This kind of machine design compact and simple structure, convenient adjustment, reliable operation, less maintenance, low noise, is a cement plant, chemical industry, power plant system preferred by the department of ration, such as equipment, at the same time as other industries of viscous material feeding (give) materials equipment, the models for hanging structure.DB for enclosed structure, dust, dust proof, but regulating operation are in a closed casing, not intuitive.DK is open type structure, suitable for dust small materials, and operation regulation are straightforward.
1, the disc feeder supply general for reducer and general motors, for use in special occasions, ordering, such as use explosion-proof motor, reducer, or have other special requirements, etc.
2, hanging type disc feeder, can also be made from a type, and also points closed and open two kinds of structure.

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